A Fresh Look

Lille have recently refreshed the packaging of their range of incontinence products. But don’t worry! You can continue to order the same products that you’re familiar with.

For Suprem, the Lille pads now come in packaging that is primarily green in colour, rather than white with green accents. The classic rectangular pads have changed from white packaging to blue and white (for plastic backed) or grey and white (non-plastic back).

The Same Reliable Brand

The pack sizes remain the same (so packs of 20 remain packs of 20, for example), and the absorbency and sizing of the pads is unchanged.

The rebranding provides a fresh new look with easy-to-read print and clear sizing. But rest assured you will still receive the same high-quality pads that you’re used to.

Get in Touch

If you have any concerns, or you are unsure which pads to buy, you can contact us and our helpful showroom staff will be able to assist you in choosing the right pads for you.