Offering a wide range of accessories for a variety of needs across the bathroom, from bath steps and mats to tap turners and inflatable pillows.

Our selection of products are suitable for a number of uses and can be ordered for delivery across the UK.

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  1. Tube Squeezer
    Tube Squeezer

  2. Anti-Slip Strips
    Anti-Slip Strips

  3. Cross Head Tap Turners
    Cross Head Tap Turners

    £5.00 with VAT exemption £6.00 including VAT
    Regular Price £6.99with VAT exemption
    £8.39 including VAT
  4. Inflatable Bath Pillow
    Inflatable Bath Pillow

  5. Rubber Bath Mat
    Rubber Bath Mat

  6. Bath Safety Strips
    Bath Safety Strips

  7. Rubber Shower Mat
    Rubber Shower Mat

  8. Soft Feel Bath Mat
    Soft Feel Bath Mat

  9. StayPut Shower Mat
    StayPut Shower Mat

  10. StayPut Bath Mat
    StayPut Bath Mat

  11. Stacking Bath Step
    Stacking Bath Step

  12. Savannah Bath Step
    Savannah Bath Step

  13. Platform Bath Step
    Platform Bath Step

  14. Ashby Bath Step
    Ashby Bath Step


14 Items

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