Stairlift Installations - Sussex, Surrey and Kent

At Clearwell, we understand that buying a stairlift can be complicated and stressful. There are lots of decisions to be made about the best type of stairlift for your staircase and the options that may be best for you.

By choosing a new stairlift from Clearwell, you get the reassurance of dealing with a local, independent specialist. We cover the entire process, from the initial survey through to installation, servicing and maintenance.

Call 01444 253 300 to arrange your FREE home survey!

At Clearwell we offer professional, impartial advice and all of our engineers and advisors are manufacturer trained to make sure you get the best lift for your needs.

Our services run from the planning stage all the way through to offering aftercare support and we are with you every step of the way. We have even put together a free, impartial Buying Guide to help you understand more about the whole process of having a stairlift installed.

Being an independent retailer we have access to a range of stairlift manufacturers which allows us to offer you, the customer, the best stairlift solution for your needs. With a range of suppliers and models at our disposal we can find a solution to fit almost any home and any budget.

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Straight Stairlifts


From £1,850

Handicare 1100

From £1,790

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HomeGlide Extra

From £2,190

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Curved Stairlifts

Handicare 2000

From £4,890


From £4,990

Flow X

From £5,390

Names You Can Trust

Clearwell are accredited dealers for Handicare, Access and Otolift stairlifts, so when buying your new stairlift from Clearwell, you can be guaranteed that you will be receiving the best quality product on the market.

Servicing & Repairs

We offer a range of service contracts for your stairlift, and all of our lifts come with a 2 year parts and labour warranty. Extended cover starts from just 20p a day and can guarantee you priority response on any problems you are having with your Clearwell supplied stairlift.

Free Home Survey


Call our dedicated stairlift team on 01444 253 300 to book your FREE home survey or complete the form and we will call you back.

We have been installing stairlifts across the South East for over 20 years and have undertaken work across Sussex, Kent and Surrey. Our dedicated stairlift surveyors are on the road every day visiting clients across the area and advising on the best stairlifts for their staircases.

Our FREE home survey comes with no obligation to buy and is organised at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are stairlifts expensive to run?

Stairlifts run from battery power and the only electricity used is to charge the batteries. Stairlifts are therefore very cheap to run with costs of less than £5 a year! 

I have a staircase with two turns in it, is it possible to fit a stairlift in my home?

Yes. We have a range of different stairlifts that can fit the vast majority of staircases. We can install lifts on staircases with any number of turns as long as there is adequate space at the top and bottom of the staircase and enough width to accommodate the rail and seat. If you are concerned then please give us a call to arrange a free, no obligation survey.

Will the stairlift have a detrimental effect on my staircase?

No. Installing a stairlift is very quick and has little to no effect on the rest of the staircase. The rail itself attaches to the stair tread rather than the wall.

I have a doorway at the bottom of my stairs, is this a problem?

Not at all. We can install a 'powered-hinge' to the bottom of the stairlift which will lift up when the lift is not in use, keeping it away from the door and retaining space in the hallway.

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