Compact and Contemporary

On pure aesthetics the scooter doesn’t have a great deal going for it. Its tubular frame is basic and functional. However, its when the eFoldi is folded down that the real benefit which sets this scooter apart from other folding scooters becomes apparent – its lifting weight.

At 15kg complete, it is the lightest scooter on the UK market at the moment. The framing is made from magnesium and the lightweight lithium battery and components means that this scooter can be lifted by most people.

Once folded down it is also incredibly compact and will easily fit in the boot of even small cars.

Portable and Practical

The folding process is fairly swift and easy once you get the hang of it. There is a definite knack with an order to which clips to unlock and open in the folding process. However, once used to it folding can be done in a single smooth action making it quick and easy to do. The other great advantage of the eFoldi Lite over the original eFoldi is that it has built in automatic braking. This means as soon as you release the throttle lever the brakes are applied and will bring you safely to a stop. The eFoldi Lite is also limited to 4mph making it legal to use on the pavements in the UK – classified as a class II vehicle.

Reliable and Functional

The lithium battery gives a good range of 15miles on a single charge and is fairly easy to remove. The only downside on the battery is that you have to remove the battery from the scooter each time you need to charge it up. It would be useful to have a charging socket on the scooter so you didn’t need to do this. However, if you leave your scooter folded in the boot then it is really easy to take the battery in to the house to charge - as long as you remember to remove the battery before folding it. A simple to use charger is included with the scooter.

Obviously, the eFoldi Lite is a 3 wheeler scooter so lacks some of the stability that a 4 wheel scooter provides. However, the wide rear base of the scooter gives it reasonable levels of stability. The front wheel drive style is unusual (most mobility scooters are driven through the rear wheels) but necessary to keep the weight down and allow it to fold in to such a compact size.

The seat is also a compromise in terms of comfort. There are no armrests which may be important for some users with limited trunk control. The foam and springs on the seat are not the most comfortable and you wouldn’t want to use the eFoldi for long journeys (eg more than 2 hours) without a break. The backrest acts more as safety barrier rather than to provide comfort to lean on.

Light and Manageable

Overall, the eFoldi Lite does compromise on some aspects of the drive experience but it wins out hand downs on its lifting weight. The vast majority of folding scooters are over 20kg lifting weight which is simply too heavy for most people to lift in to the car boot. The eFoldi Lite makes it possible to lift easily at just 15kg. In terms of use, we would recommend the eFoldi Lite for accompanied trips shopping, visiting outdoor venues or travelling where it really comes in to its own.

The eFoldi Lite is available to test drive at all Clearwell Mobility showrooms or by request we can arrange to demonstrate the scooter at your home.

About the Author

Duncan Gillett

Duncan is the Managing Director and co-founder of Clearwell Mobility. He has over 15 years experience in the mobility sector, specialising in wheelchairs, mobility equipment and home adaptations.