Lightweight and easy to install, Flexlioc is a cost effective and versatile ramping solution suitable for use both indoors and out.

Manufactured from lightweight, durable plastic Flexiloc is ideal for a wide range of scenarios in and around the home.

Thanks to its modular design, Flexiloc can be installed quickly and cleanly with the ability to suit a range of lip heights and steps. You can even install it yourself with our range of kits.

Your Flexiloc, Your Way!

Surveyed & Installed

Speak to one of our team to arrange a free survey and installation by our professional, adaptations team.

The information provided will only be used by Clearwell Mobility for the purposes of contacting in relation to the arrangement of a survey for a ramping solution. Your information will not be used for any other purposes or passed on to any 3rd parties without your expressed permission

Build Your Own

Build your own Flexiloc ramping using one of our kits or start from scratch with individual components.

DIY Flexiloc

Flexiloc is one of the most versatile and practical ramping solutions for your home and business.

Features & Benefits

  • Self-draining
  • Facilitates recycling initiatives
  • 100% non-toxic and non-pvc
  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Light weight and exceptionally strong
  • User-friendly and aesthetically pleasing
  • Can be used to create multidirectional ramps
  • Extremely durable; suitable for power scooters
  • Variety of fixing methods and gradients available
  • Simple and quick to install; no ground works required
  • Slip resistant surface; Suregrip tiles provide extra traction
  • Grey as standard; stone grey, black and yellow available
  • Re-usable components; can be taken apart and re-assembled

Suitable Uses

  • Exterior door steps
  • Shower tray lips
  • Internal thresholds
  • Garden steps
  • Interior to exteriors thresholds
  • Vehicle ramps

The list of uses for Flexiloc is almost inexhaustible due to its versatility. If you have a scenario you are considering using Flexiloc for then please give out team a call to discuss your needs on 01444 253 300.

Quick, Easy & Flexible

Flexiloc is one of the quickest and most lightweight ramping solutions available at the moment. It is easy to install and easy to take up when no longer required. With its simple modular system, Flexiloc can be used to build anything from simple straight ramps to cornered ramps, threshold ramps and raised platforms.

Regain your Freedom

Solving ramping problems around the home, Flexiloc is easily installed to help with tricky steps indoors and outdoors. Perfect for steps into your home, in the garden, over thresholds or even into slightly raised shower cubicles, Flexiloc is durable, reliable and economical.

Our Service

At Clearwell we offer a free home assessment and quotation service to help you get the right Flexiloc solution for your needs. Call our dedicated Adaptations Team today on 01444 253 300 to discuss your needs and book in your home assessment today.

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