We are very happy to announce the re-opening our showrooms from 1st June.

While we know these are challenging and difficult times for us all, we have been busy to make your shopping experience with Clearwell as safe and straight forward as possible.

During the past few weeks we have been working hard behind the scenes to make adjustments to our showrooms to allow our customers and staff to return in safety. Following the governments guidelines, we have introduced a number of changes and steps to provide a safe shopping experience for all.

To allow us to undertake thorough and in-depth staff training we will be staggering the opening of our showrooms over the course of 2 weeks. Find out when your local showrooms is opening here.

Limiting Customer Numbers

To allow for the safest shopping experience, we have introduced a customer limit in each of our showrooms. This will allow customers to move around our stores safely.

In line with this change, we will also be limiting each customer group to 2 people only. We appreciate you taking this into consideration before visiting us.

Social Distancing

We are following all government guidelines with regard to social distancing and therefore asking all customers to remain 2 metres from members of staff and other customers during their visit to the showrooms.

Our staff will also be taking other measures to keep these guidelines in place during transactions at our till-points and assisting you with product demonstrations.

Showroom Signage

We have installed additional signage around our showrooms to help direct the flow of customers as they shop with us. These signs include queuing guidelines at our till points, one-way signs in our larger showrooms and other similar signs.

We ask all customers to follow these signs to help keep other customers and our staff as safe as possible.

Cleaning Protocols

We have introduced increased cleaning guidelines in all of our showrooms.

This includes extra training for all staff, with focus on high-contact points such as handles, till-points and demonstration products.

Staff will be washing their hands after every serving every customer with alcohol gel available for all customers upon entry to the showroom.

Face Coverings

We are advising customers to wear face coverings when in our showrooms where possible. Each showroom has a supply of disposable face masks available should a customer wish to wear one but not have their own.

All showroom staff have access to masks, gloves and sanitising gel and will be more than obliging to wear these when serving you upon request.

Card/Contactless Payments

While we are still accepting cash payments, we are strongly advising customers to pay by card or other contactless methods where possible.

This helps minimise contact between our staff and customers, as well as being a faster method of payment.

Our team have spent a great deal of time putting these changes in place across our network of showrooms, which will allow us to continue to offer you the best possible shopping experience while keeping you and our staff safe. We will continue to follow all government guidelines and will modify these adjustments where necessary.

Please feel to contact us to discuss the changes made in your local showroom and to discuss any special requirements you may have before visiting your local showroom. Our showroom staff are more than happy to do all they can to provide you with the best shopping experience during these unprecedented times.

We are looking forward to seeing you in store again soon.