Pashmina Clothes Protectors

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These Pashmina Clothes Protectors are an elegant and dignified way of keeping clothes clean and protected during eating and drinking. Its stylish design means it compliments the majority of outfits with its draping effect, whilst offering the practical protection of a standard bib.

Made from a soft, luxurious, silk-like fabric, the pashmina is subtle in its appearance, making it perfect for eating out in restaurants and cafes. Its absorbent front and waterproof backing make it throughoughly absorbent whilst keeping skin and clothes underneath dry and protected. This combined with its quick fastening action at the back of the neck, makes it ideal for all users.

The pashmina is machine washable and tumble drier proof, meaning it can be worn again and again providing excellent value for money.

  • Width (across shoulders): 13" (34cm)
  • Length (neck to bottom of garment): 19" (48cm)
  • Neck circumference: 13-20" (34-52cm)

VAT Exempt No
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