TGA Powerpack Plus

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£1,099.00 with VAT exemption £1,318.80 including VAT

The TGA Powerpack Plus offers the highest user weight limit of any TGA Powerpack with up to 32 stone (203kg) and provides a powerful addition to a wheelchair and aids the attendant when pushing larger users over long distances or up slight hills.

The Powerpack Plus remains as easy to use as any of our other powerpacks with a simple thumb control which drives two wheels providing extra traction to the wheelchair. There is also the added benefit of being able to switch the controls from forward to reverse with ease. Perfect for those who live up steep hills, or who need to traverse gravel driveways or slippery terrain regularly, the Powerpack Plus is easily fitted to your wheelchair within a matter seconds. Producing speeds of up to 4mph, this version of the TGA Powerpack is designed for users up to 32 stone, making it ideal for almost any situation.

With a range of up to 10 miles on a single charge, the Plus is perfect for days out and trips to town. It is light enough to make it perfect for transporting in the boot of a car, coach or simply for storage when not required.

The battery is easily charged with the simple provided charger. Simply plug it in the night before and the next day you will have a fully charged Powerpack, ready for the day ahead.

Range 10 miles
Scooter Top Speed 4mph
Total Weight 16.7kg (36.8lbs)
VAT Exempt Yes
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