Alber ViaPlus V12 Power Assist

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£1,270.00 with VAT exemption £1,524.00 including VAT
Due to the compatibility requirements, we will require an assessment to be carried out on your existing wheelchair before purchasing.

The Alber ViaPlus takes the strain out of pushing a wheelchair thanks to its easy to use, motorised dual wheel design. Attached to the majority of wheelchairs with ease, the Alber ViaPlus allows you to manoeuvre the wheelchair with ease without the need to push.

Designed for use primarily with the Azalea and Clematis wheelchairs, the ViaPlus allows you to steer the wheelchair as usual but removes the strain of pushing, particularly when travelling uphill. The rechargeable battery pack allows you to travel up to 10 miles on a single charge, making it ideal for day to day use.

Perfect for use on the majority of terrains and gradients of up to 10%, the ViaPlus features standard motor brakes which mean that once the operating lever is released the ViaPlus will stop moving. The speed itself is controlled using the control knob located on the handlebar. Simply twist the knob to increase the speed at which the ViaPlus will travel, it's that easy.

The ViaPlus can transport up to 135kg (21 stone) but please make sure you adhere to maximum user weight restrictions of the wheelchair itself as well as the Viaplus. If you don't require the ViaPlus for every journey there is no need to remove the unit itself. Simply use the pedal to retract the drive wheels to allow for easy manoeuvring.

Range 10 miles
Scooter Top Speed 4mph
Total Weight 19.7kg
VAT Exempt Yes
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