Savannah Bath Step

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This modular bath step has been specifically designed to make getting into and out of the bath easier. The large, textured surface area gives the user confidence and provides additional safety. The bath step is supplied as a single step with a 4" (10cm) raise.

Additional steps can be added either stacked on top of each other or clipped together to give a larger area or create a small stair. Each additional step adds an extra 2" (5cm) to the height of the step, up to a maximum of six steps (giving a 14" (35cm) raise).

Both sides of the step have a curved cut out near the floor, allowing it to be picked up and moved around easily. A foam pad is supplied that fits neatly onto the surface of the step, making it both warm and soft underfoot. Step measures 19" (48cm) x 15" (38cm). Weight 1.3kg. Sold singularly.

For hygiene reasons, this product cannot be refunded.

Overall Width 19" (48cm)
Overall Depth 15" (38cm)
Height 4" (10cm)
VAT Exempt No
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