Plastic Turntable

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£19.99 with VAT exemption £23.99 including VAT

This lightweight and strong plastic turnable provides the user and carer with easy rotation.The turntable swivels 360° for smooth and easy moving in any direction.

Perfect for transferring from chair to bed or car etc this turntable is the ideal tool for avoiding back strain. Designed from a lightweight plastic, the turntable is easily transported for use on days out and its anti-slip, gripped upper surface provides an additional level of security and safety to the user.

Measuring 16" (40cm) in diameter it is suitable for almost any user but remains small enough to be easily stored when not in use. The maximum user weight of up to 18st is ideal for a range of users. Designed for use with a carer or helper this turntable is not suitable for independent use.

Size Diameter: 16" (40cm)
VAT Exempt Yes
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