Grip on Chair Raisers

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With their unique design and modular capabilities, these cleverly crafted raisers are suitable for all types of legs such as round, square and even unusual shapes such as Queen Anne legs.

Each set of raisers are are supplied in height sections and can be combined to achieve multiple heights, from 1" (2.5cm) up to 5" (12.5cm). The clever design of the Raisers include rubber flanges within the top of each section which grip the chair leg, enabling the furniture to be moved without the raiser falling off.

Supplied in 3 different sizes, these relate to the diameter of the entrance at the top of each section with rubber flange. With a maximum weight capacity of up to 78 stone, these Grip On Raisers are suitable for a wide range of furniture and users.

Size Guide:(Maximum Leg Diameter)
Small: 1.25" (38mm)
Medium: 1.75" (45mm)
Large: 2.25" (58mm)

Height Up to 5" (12.5cm)
Size Maximum Leg Diameter
Small: 1.25" (38mm)
Medium: 1.75" (45mm)
Large: 2.25" (58mm)
VAT Exempt Yes
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