Folding White Guide Stick

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£25.99 with VAT exemption £31.19 including VAT

The Folding White Guide Stick from Clearwell offers a red and white stick that folds up for easy storage and transportation. The ergonomically shaped handle allows for comfort when in use and also helps provide a good grip for those suffering from arthritis. Perfect for those with partial sight or those who are blind, this stick is designed to help you navigate when walking and avoid other objects.

The stick comes with a strap to make sure it remains in your hand, preventing you from having to bend down to pick it up if you were to let go. Please be aware this is not a weight bearing walking stick and is not designed to support you when walking.

VAT Exempt Yes
Handle Material PVC
Shaft Material Aluminium
Handle Height 45"
Handle Type Grip Handle
Colour White
Design Solid Colour
Shaft Type Folding
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