Dropmenot Cane Holder

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The Dropmenot Cane Holder is the perfect walking stick holder for any home of a regular stick user. The holder is installed onto the wall of choice and allows you to easily and quickly store your walking stick upright and within reach.

The holder works by simply pushing you stick into the gap in the holder which grips your stick, keeping it upright. When you need to remove your stick simply pull it out and the stick will come free.

The Dropmenot is the perfect holder for use in situations where you are regularly putting down your walking stick such as in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or next to you favourite armchair. Using the Dropmenot removes the risk of dropping your walking stick and then having to struggle to pick it up which can in turn lead to injury or falls.

The Dropmenot is easily screwed to a wall and offers you a secure and safe place to keep your walking stick when not in use.

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