Folding Black Floral Orthopaedic Walking Stick

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£25.99 with VAT exemption £31.19 including VAT

This folding walking stick combines the elegance of a floral pattern with a supportive orthopaedic handle. This specially designed handle is ideal for arthritis, rheumatism and other hand complaints.

The moulded plastic handle helps distribute the user's weight across their entire palm as well as being easier to grip than a traditional handle. This makes it ideal for those who find it uncomfortable or painful to use a traditional stick.

Alongside the added benefits of this specially crafted handle, the stick features an elegant and attractive floral patten. Featuring blue, red and yellow flowers on a black background, this walking stick will co-ordinate with almost any outfit and is suitable for a range of situations.

The stick is height adjustable between 32.5-36" (82-92cm) and has a maximum user weight of up to 18 stone, which makes it suitable for a wide range of users.

Complete with a non-slip rubber ferrule and metallic cuff, this walking stick is available in left and right hand variants with each handle designed to fit the respective hand.

VAT Exempt Yes
Max User Weight 18 stone
Handle Material PVC
Shaft Material Aluminium
Handle Height 32.5-36" (82-92cm)
Handle Type Ergonomic
Colour Black
Pattern/Design Black Floral
Design Patterned
Shaft Type Folding
Size 19mm
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