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£4,490.00 with VAT exemption £5,388.00 including VAT
Due to the compatibility requirements, we will require an assessment to be carried out on your existing wheelchair before purchasing.

The Alber E-Pilot is the perfect addition to your manual wheelchair which helps transform it into a sporty, powerful personal vehicle in a few simple steps.

Attached with ease, the E-Pilot offers you the ability to travel up to 31 miles on a single charge without breaking a sweat. With a number of extra features, including syncing with your smart phone, the E-Pilot is an advanced and powerful addition to any manual wheelchair.

Ideal for those who are looking for a comfortable and effort free solution when out and about, the E-Pilot is the ideal way to explore and enjoy outdoor activities using your existing wheelchair.

The attachment of the E-Pilot is easy and quick. Simply install the mounting bracket to the seat tube of the wheelchair and the E-Pilot can easily lock in place when needed and be quickly detached when not in use. The mounting of the E-Pilot is designed for use with, primarily, active user wheelchairs. We are able to confirm at the point of enquiry if your wheelchair is suitable.

The lightweight, lithium-ion battery pack offers a range of up to 31 miles as well as being stored securely and discreetly in the frame of the E-Pilot. The detachable 2.4" colour display indicates battery capacity, speed and journey data in an easy to read format. It also allows for smartphone connectivity for further diagnostics and data.

The easy to use controls allow for precision driving and manoeuvrability. The throttle and brakes are easy to use and positioned as you would expect on a traditional bike. The E-Pilot also features a charging socket for your smartphone which can also be mounted onto the handlebars themselves.

Range 31 miles
Scooter Top Speed 4-6mph
Total Weight 18.4kg
VAT Exempt Yes
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