Flexyfoot Ferrule

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Taking the traditional rubber ferrule and turning it in to a high performance, secure and shock-absorbing accessory, Flexyfoot is the ideal company for almost any walking stick or crutch.

Uniquely designed with a bellow-style shock absorber, the Flexyfoot ferrule reduces impact and jarring on the hands, arms, shoulders and whole upper body when walking. This reduction in vibrations can in turn relieve pain and discomfort and help reduce aggravating existing conditions.

This specially crafted design also allows the ferrule to remain in full contact with the ground, even on uneven terrain, significantly improving stability and safety while walking. This makes the Flexyfoot the perfect ferrule for those who enjoy walking, rambling and even mild hiking.

The base of the ferrule is designed to offer more grip and last longer than a traditional ferrule. It offers over 50% better traction than a standard ferrule which in turn helps prevents slips and falls.

Available in either grey or black, the Flexyfoot is suitable for almost any type of walking stick and crutch. The extra stability is key for those who can find themselves unsteady with a traditional rubber ferrule or who walk with their stick at a slight angle.

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