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£73.99 with VAT exemption £88.79 including VAT

Using infrared technology to amplify the sound from your TV, the TV headset is perfect for those with hearing impairment, it's also perfect for those not wanting to disturb their neighbours. Just slip the headset on and adjust the volume to suit your mood.

The headset is easy to charge, simply place it back onto the base unit and wait! The battery should allow up to 10 hours of listening time.

The TV Headset allows for complete freedom when watching the TV. The infrared technology allows for a cordless device allowing movement around the house possible and easy.

The 60g weight makes this headset comfortable to wear and thanks to is stethoscope format you will not be tousled or annoyed if you wear glasses

The TV Headset, from Clearwell, offers perfect sound thanks to exceptional audio reproduction from the TV to your headset. The adaptability of the sound means that there is a perfect volume for every user. The volume ranges from 0db all the way up to 120db meaning you can find the level to suit your needs.

VAT Exempt Yes
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