Stout Chestnut Crook Stick

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The Stout Chestnut Crook stick follows the same design as a traditional crook walking stick but with a wider handle and shaft for those who have larger hands and require more stability in their stick. Even with the increased size of the stick it is still ideal for everyday use by a variety of users.

Sculpted from a single piece of chestnut wood, the Stout Crook Stick has a smoothed finished and is treated and glazed to prevent from issues arising from using the stick in the rain. To help protect the base of the stick, a removable rubber ferrule is included which reduces the risk of splintering or damage. Replacement ferrules are available for purchase.

VAT Exempt No
Max User Weight 20 stone
Handle Material Wood
Shaft Material Wood
Handle Height 38" (96.5)
Handle Type Crook
Colour Brown
Pattern/Design No Pattern
Design Wooden
Shaft Type Fixed
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