Soxon™ Sock Aid

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£12.49 with VAT exemption £14.99 including VAT
The Soxon™ is designed for those with reduced movement in the back, hip or knee joints.
The sock is placed over the soft fabric sleeve and using the looped handles, the sock is easily pulled on.
This sock aid is fully washable and can be used for tights as well. It supports the shape of the foot and the fabric design gently contours down the foot. The Soxon makes a tiring task easy and the soft fabrics make it a comfortable and relaxing, especially for those with fragile skin. The bamboo material is super absorbent meaning any excess moisture that a foot can sometimes emit, is easily dealt with and a unique anti-bacteria function keeps your feet clean and healthy. The Soxon aid is perfect for anyone who struggles to put their socks on and is another way to help you regain your freedom and independence.
VAT Exempt Yes
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