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Chargers are one of the most used element of any scooter or powered wheelchair. Over time they can wear out and may need replacing, particularly when they are used frequently. We advise that all scooters are charged regularly even when not in use to help the batteries from depleting but obviously this still has an effect on the chargers lifespan.

Purchasing a new charger for your mobility scooter or powerchair is incredibly straight forward, the key thing is to purchase the right size charger for the right size batteries. Below we have listed a handy guide to help you decide which charger is the right one for you.

2A Charger = 10-18Ah batteries (Small, portable scooters)
5A Charger = 22-44Ah batteries (Medium, pavement scooters)
8A Charger = 50Ah+ batteries (Large, road legal scooters)

Please note we are not able to offer VAT relief on chargers sold online. We are able to offer VAT free pricing on chargers where these items are supplied in-store to a qualifying product (eg scooter, powerchair).
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