Sacro Lumbar Support

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The Sacro Lumbar Support is a comfortable to wear aid designed to help support your lower back and provide extra stability. Made from breathable elastic and soft foam the support contains 4 splint which are pliable and easily wraps around the waist and secures with an easy to use hook and loop system.

Designed for those suffering with lower back pain, muscle strain, osteoporosis or spondylosis, this support is available in 5 different sizes to guarantee the right fit for you.

Size Small: 23-28" (54-71cm)
Medium: 28-33" (71-84cm)
Large: 33-38" (84-97cm)
XL: 38-43" (97-110cm)
XXL: 43-48" (110-122cm)
VAT Exempt No
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