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Clematis Pro
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£1,450.00 with VAT exemption £1,740.00 including VAT
Due to the highly configurable nature of this product we can only offer this product following a completed assessment.

The Rea Clematis Pro has been designed to enhance the experience for both client and care giver. It’s perfectly suited for those individuals who need the support and comfort of a tilt in space wheelchair. The Clematis Pro offers a high level of postural support, with 25° of seat tilt and 30° of backrest recline for effortless repositioning. A wide a range of accessories helps deliver exceptional comfort, support and stability for those who spend large amounts of time in their wheelchair.

The rigid plastic backrest shell is height adjustable and incorporates 30° of backrest recline offering a high level of support where it’s needed. The addition of the Laguna backrest cushion with added lateral support, ensures a comfortable and stable sitting position. The unique weight shifting technology DSS, ensures excellent stability of the wheelchair When tilted and reclined, the seat moves forward keeping the clients weight in the footprint of the chassis, ensuring maximum safety and increased confidence.

The compact frame design offers superb manoeuverability, especially indoors. The rear wheels have been moved forward to allow better access to the handrims for those who can propel themselves. 


Max User Weight 21 stone
Total Weight from 30 kg
Overall Width SW + 190 mm (+7½")
Seat Width 16
Seat Height 400-450mm (16-18")
Overall Length 995 mm - 1470 mm (39-60")
Handle Height 1200 - 1550mm (47-61")
Colour Black
Quick Release Wheels? No
VAT Exempt Yes
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