Pill Crusher

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The ideal device for crushing tablets and pills, this Pill Crusher is perfect for crushing uncoated pills into powder and only requires a simple twisting action.

Designed for when medication is to be mixed with liquids or food, this crusher comes complete with a storage compartment in the lid for spare/additional tablets and is small enough to be carried in a pocket or purse with ease.

Simply place the pill to be crushed in the clear section of the crusher and then screw the blue section in and continue screwing to crush the pill. The handle section comes with grip wings making it easy to turn and to crush your medication.

To access the storage compartment simply pop off the middle section of the top of the crusher. Please note that uncoated pills crush best and you may find it more difficult to crush those with coatings.

Size Diameter: 2" (6cm)
VAT Exempt No
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