Parnell Bed Rail

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£224.99 with VAT exemption £269.99 including VAT

The Parnell Bed Rail is an ingenious take on the traditional supportive bed rail to assist a user getting in or out of bed.

Whereas traditional bed rails fit under the mattress, the Parnell Bed Rail clamps underneath the bed between the frame and floor. The base slides on the floor underneath the frame of the bed and then, using the adjustment knob, raise the hooks until the clamp onto the base of the frame. To remove, simply unscrew the adjustment knob and then remove the rail.

The Parnell Bed Rail is suitable with almost any type of bed with the only requirements being that the space underneath the bed frame is between 1-16" (3-40cm).

Once installed, the Parnell Bed Rail provides a secure and easy to grab handle to support you when getting in or out of bed. The handle itself measures 82 cm height from the floor and 28cm wide.

With a maximum user weight of up to 32 stone and a design which suits almost any bed, the Parnell Bed Rail is perfect for most users and as it does not connect to the mattress in any way it reduces any potential damage or tugging on linen.

Grip Smooth
Material Coated Metal
Overall Length 32.3" (82cm)
VAT Exempt Yes
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