One Handed Plate

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The revolutionary One Handed Plate from Frau Kettner is the only dining aid for those with limited arm use, allowing you to eat independently and easily.

Designed with unique cylindrical pegs moulded into the plate, the clever design allows for parts of your meal to clamped in place whilst being cut with a knife. This arrangement of pegs makes the One Handed Plate perfect for a whole range of meals and dishes which would otherwise be impossible to eat with one hand.

The plate is also cleverly crafted with high lipped edges meaning that smaller pieces of your meal can be scooped up with ease. There is also a sauce slope which is designed to collect any sauce or gravy from your meal allowing it to be easily soaked up while not impeding the ability to cut on the plate.

To keep the plate sure on your chosen table or surface, the One Handed Plate has a built in silicon ring on the base of the plate. This silicon ring means you can safely apply pressure to the plate whilst cutting without fear of it sliding. The cleverly shaped plate also allows for stacking on other One Handed Plates.

Ideal for use in any kitchen environment, the One Handed Plate is dishwasher proof and easily cleaned as you would any other dining equipment. Made from melamine, the One Handed Plate is scratch-proof, incredibly strong and durable, making it ideal for day-to-day use. It is also supplied in packaging which is easily opened with one hand.

Size Diameter: 10" (255mm)
Maximum Height: 1.2" (31mm)
VAT Exempt Yes
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