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£29.99 with VAT exemption £35.99 including VAT

The Hurrycane offers exceptional stability and support to the user with its unique 3-point-contact design at almost any angle. Its proprietary pivoting base and three lightweight supportive feet create maximum balance and support to the user.

Unlike traditional walking stick designs which have only one contact point, the Hurrycane disperses the users weight and force over three separate areas which helps provide additional support for those who walk with their stick at a slight angle. The traditional style stick can make the users supportive arm wobble which in turn makes it much more difficult to balance and can, at times, lead to potential falls.

The pivoting base combined with the three feet make the Hurrycane suitable for any user or walking style. When pushing your weight down at an angle the Hurrycane distributes the weight over the three feet which reduces the risk of the stick slipping out from underneath the user. Designed to work on almost any terrain, the three feet have textured grooves that provide non-skid traction for all-terrain activities and walks.

For additional comfort and convenience, the Hurrycane includes a shock absorbing handle which is ideal when walking across hard terrain such as pavements and wooden flooring. This handle absorbs the vibrations and shocks which naturally travel up the stick when walking and can lead to injuries to the wrist and hands over long periods of time. The shaft itself is foldable into 3 separate sections, making it ideal for storage and transportation when not in use. This folding design combined with the free Carry Case and Wrist Strap means you can rest assured that taking your Hurrycane wherever you go is always possible and easy.

Get the right Hurrycane for your look with a choice of 4 difference colour options, each with fully coloured shaft and foot. Choose from Black, Blue, Red or Purple, perfect for any users style.

VAT Exempt Yes
Max User Weight 25 stone
Handle Material Wood
Shaft Material Aluminium
Handle Height 30.5-37.5" (77.5-95cm)
Handle Type Derby
Pattern/Design No Pattern
Design Solid Colour
Shaft Type Folding
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