Digital Contactless Thermometer

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This Digital Contactless Thermometer is the ideal device for measuring a persons temperature without the risk of infection from cross-contamination.

The device allows for you to measure the forehead temperature of a person by simply pointing the thermometer at the patient and then squeezing the trigger on the thermometer. The patients temperature is then displayed in easy to read, LED numbers in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit.

Ideal for use in situations where multiple people require their temperature to be taken, this device offers instant readings in an easy to read format.

Thanks to the infrared measuring, the user of the thermometer does not need to make physical contact with the patient in any way. This in turn means that the device can be used on multiple people in quick succession without the need to disinfect or sterilise.

Perfect for those who may be suffering from infections or viruses which can be transmitted through touch, this thermometer can help monitor a patients temperature safely and effectively.

This thermometer uses 2x AA batteries (not supplied).

VAT Exempt No
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