Buckingham Compact Easywipe Aid

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The Compact Easywipe from Buckingham Healthcare offers all of the features of a traditional wiping aid but with the added benefit of being able to be folded down to half the length and stored in a convenient carry box.

Ideal for when out and about or when visiting friends and family, this device aids you to reach whilst using toilet paper. Simply attach the toilet paper to the end of the Easywipe with its easy to use gripped holder. Once used, use the innovative push-button grip release function to cleanly and easily drop toilet paper into the toilet. This removes any need whatsoever to touch the paper after it has been used.

The Compact Easywipe features no dirt traps and is easy to clean after use. The carry-case is also wipe clean and both are made from lightweight and durable materials. This wiping aid has been designed to offer the easiest use thanks to its smooth and ergonomic design.

This wiping aid measures 15" (38cm) long and is latex free.

For hygiene reasons, this product cannot be refunded.

Size Length: 15" (38cm) Long
VAT Exempt Yes
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