Wood Handle Folding Walking Stick

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Available in a choice of 2 coloured patterns, these folding walking sticks are perfect for those with smaller hands due to their petite wooden handles. Attractive and practical, these walking sticks are easily folded into 4 sections when not in use, ideal for storage.

The bright and colourful patterns are attractive while remaining stylish. Perfect for summer months and days out these floral patterns remain subtle while adding to any outfit.

Folding down to 4 sections with ease, these sticks are perfect for infrequent users who need a way to store their sticks with ease. Easily folded by pulling sections apart before folding, these sticks are accentuated by a wooden handle and gold coloured collar.

Coming complete with removable and replaceable rubber ferrule, these sticks offer a comfortable and supportive walking aid solution while also becoming a fashion accessory in their own right.

VAT Exempt No
Max User Weight 16 stone
Handle Material Wood
Shaft Material Aluminium
Handle Height 31-35" (79-89cm)
Handle Type Derby
Pattern/Design No Pattern
Design Floral
Shaft Type Folding
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