SitnStand Portable Rising Seat

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The SitnStand Portable Rising Seat is a revolutionary product designed to offer the rising functionality of a Riser Recliner armchair but within a portable system allowing it to be used with almost any chair around the home and out and about.

The main feature of the SitnStand is its portability. Weighing just 3kg, the SitnStand folds up when not in use and with the easy grip handles can be easily transported between seats as well as stored in a car or suitcase when travelling.

Perfect for almost any chair, the SitnStand is the perfect solution for those who struggle to get in and out of seats easily but still want the flexibility of changing seats or dining out. The simple yet stylish design means that the SitnStand blends effortlessly into almost any surrounding and the discreetly hidden battery and compressor keep the cushion discreet.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the SitnStand has the ability to be inflated between 80-90 times between charges. Charging itself takes 4-6 hours to complete and is perfect to charge overnight when not in use.

The Compressor inflates at 4 separate stages to suit a range of user and chair requirements. The controls are simple and easy to use with only 2 buttons controlling the compressor's inflating and deflating action.

The seat covers are designed for long sitting time and are easy to remove and are washable. The cushions are covered with a non-slip fabric to prevent any sliding which may occur on the seat in use.

Size Seat footprint - Deflated: 16x21x0.25" (40x53x0.5cm) (sitting area)
Seat footprint - Inflated: 16x19x8" (40x48x20cm) (sitting area)
Carrying package dimensions - 18x19x4" (45x55x10cm)
VAT Exempt Yes
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