Secure Sit & Slide Sheet

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£43.99 with VAT exemption £52.79 including VAT

The Secure Sit and Slide Sheet is designed to offer you both extra stability when sitting on the edge of your mattress as well as providing maximum slide for when getting into bed.

Easy to fit, the sheet features a low friction, ultra smooth satin section in the centre of the sheet to allow for easy movement and transferring in and out of bed. When getting in and out of bed simply grab the fabric sides of the sheet to support and stabilise as you slide.

This single bed (3ft) sheet features a special grip fabric on the edges which allows you to sit securely on the edge of the bed without risk of slipping.

Designed to remain secure all night, you do not need to worry about the sheet coming un-tucked as you sleep. The sheet is made from a polyester/cotton mix and is machine washable.

Size Single 3ft
VAT Exempt No
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