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This Parkinson-rollator is a specialised version of the Rollz Motion rollator, which is appreciated by people with Parkinsons. This rollator is developed for people with a disturbed walking gait. This occurs by the Parkinson’s disease. Also people with MS or who’ve had a stroke can have a disturbed walking gait. In these situations the rhythmic cues given by this rollator can stimulate a regular walking gait.

The Rollz Motion Rhythm Parkinson rollator supports the start of a rhythmic walking pattern with three cues to get out of a freeze moment:

  • a laserline on the ground;
  • a vibration in the handlebars;
  • rhythmic tones.

Some people can benefit from the laserline, where others get out of their freezing moments by hearing the rhythm or feeling the stimulus in the handlebars. That’s why the stimuli are individually adjustable. What works best may vary from patient to patient. With a push on the button in the handlebar the rhythmic pattern starts. The laser line on the ground in front of the feet, the vibration in the handlebars and the rhythmic tones can be set individually.

The walking pace can be adjusted via the module on the walker. The indicated pace can be slightly increased by pressing the plus-button to walk faster. Or make movements run smoother by pressing the minus button. The three cues can be combined with each other or can be used separately.

There is also a supporting app whcih can be set up with your therapist. The therapist can personalise the walking pattern via the app and adjust it if necessary. For example, by determining the starting frequency in steps per minute. The therapist can also set a suitable rhythm. Depending on how the patient responds to the external cues, a rhythmic pattern of 8, 16 or 32 cues can be set or a continuous rhythm. The app works on both Android and iOS smartphones.

Max User Weight 19 stone
Handle Height Adjustable
Colour Black
Size Standard
Overall Width 67cm (26")
Total Weight 11.6kg
Seat Height 55cm
Overall Length 63cm
VAT Exempt Yes
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