Oasis Bedbath Washcloths (Pack of 10) (Unscented)

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These Oasis Bed Bath washcloths provide a combination of skin cleansing agents and moisturisers. The Oasis Bed Bath System is a fast alternative to a traditional soap and water bed bath, taking up to half the time for carers than the traditional method. The Oasis Bath System uses a fresh cloth for each separate part of the body so there is no possibility of washing with 'dirty water' or using a single wash cloth/flannel to clean all parts of the body.

These cloths are supplied unscented and in packs of 10 wipes making them ideal for a wide range of users.

The product can be quickly warmed in the microwave for 45 seconds, and the cloths will stay warm unopened for up to 15 minutes. Oasis Bed Bath Washcloths are dermatologically approved and alcohol free, therefore you can be ensured that the product will be gentle and kind to your skin.

The product can be used for a fast, effective and hassle-free method for both the patient and carer, leaving skin feeling soft and pampered.

Size 13x9" (33x22cm)
VAT Exempt No
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