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The Troja 2G

Advancing on the original Troja Classic, the Troja 2G has been developed and engineered to be a more user friendly, stylish, reliable and comfortable rollator.

Using the Troja Classic as a basis, the 2G offers a newly developed interior braking system. Instead of braking on the surface of the wheel, as many other rollators and walkers do, the 2G brakes on the rim instead.

This major development in the rollator’s braking system has allowed for introduction of quick release wheels. This gives the ability to change tyre types on the 2G with ease and offers the user the choice of a variety of tread patterns and softness levels. This means you can truly customise your 2G’s ride depending on the surface you are using it on.

The 2G’s ergonomic grip allows the user to stand from a seated position with ease. The design also provides the user with a comfortable armrest when seated and can also suit a number of grip positions when standing or resting.


Not only has the 2G been engineered to be more practical and durable than its predecessor, it has also been given a stylish makeover as well. The 2G is available in a range of colour options, all with matching bag to complete the look. This colourful development as well as the choice between different size options and a wide range of accessories means that you are guaranteed to find the right Troja 2G for you.

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