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The new Invacare scooter range – Style is Forever!

Ride in comfort with the new range of mobility scooters from Invacare. No matter your style there is a scooter for you. From the Orion Metro, perfect for quick trips around town and days out, all the way to the Comet Ultra, the ideal scooter for those with larger body shapes. There is really something for everyone.

At Clearwell we are always championing new technology and designs aimed at making life easier for our customers, that’s why we are so impressed with the latest range from Invacare. Offering features such as improved suspension, new ergonomically designed handlebars and automatic speed reduction cornering technology, the new Orion and Comet ranges really fit the bill.

This new ergonomic handlebar design makes everything easier. The positioning of the new handlebar is key to allow for full adjustability Invacare have adapted their front tiller design for fine adjustments which allows for more bend at the elbow, which in turn brings the elbows closer to the body and provides a more comfortable seating position.

The handlebars have also been reduced in size and modified in shape to reduce the stress and tension placed on the user’s wrists when driving. This change in size and shape also mean that the user can position their hands on different areas of the handlebars for additional control over the scooter. These changes allow the user to position themselves in a more relaxed and comfortable position, perfect for longer drives and days out.

The range of scooters from Invacare are all available in a wide range of colour options, perfect for matching your style. This, along with the choice of pneumatic or puncture proof tyres at no extra cost means you can find the right scooter for your needs.

The Orion Metro is the smaller of the new range of scooters. Its modest 21 mile range and smaller 11” wheels make it the ideal urban scooter. Perfect for trips around town or down to the coast, the Metro is ideal for the frequent user who wants to keep up with their urban lifestyle.

For those who travel further on a regular basis, the Orion Pro and Pro Sport is ideal. With a larger maximum range of 32 miles and higher maximum user weight, the Pro & Pro Sport are powerful and reliable. Ideal for those who travel great distances or have long days out on their scooter.

The Comet Pro and Pro Sport are also ideal for those who spend more time on their scooter and have an even higher maximum range of up to 34 miles on a single charge. And for those with slightly larger body frames, the Comet Ultra offers all the range and reliability of its siblings but with an increased maximum user weight of up to 34 stone and wider seat of 26”. All available in a wide range of colour options to match your look.

Remember, Style is Forever!

Discover the new range of scooters here

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