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SitnStand - The Portable, Smart Rising Seat

The revolutionary new SitnStand Portable Rising Seat is now available at all Clearwell Mobility showrooms!

Developed over a 10-year period by friends Gal Goldner and Iftah Geva, the SitnStand combines the rising functionality of a Riser Recliner armchair with the portability of your favourite cushion. The compact and lightweight design allows the SitnStand to be used with almost any chair in the home or out and about to convert it into a rising armchair.

Designed with portability at the forefront, the SitnStand weighs only 3kg! When not in use the whole system folds neatly down to fit into a handy travel bag, making it perfect for taking with you when visiting friends and family or going out for a meal.

The SitnStand features a discreet compressor which inflates the main cushion in 4 separate stages to help raise the user to their feet. The controls are simple and easy to use with only 2 buttons used to control the inflation and deflation of the cushion.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the SitnStand has the ability to inflated and deflated between 80-90 times on a single charge. Charging, itself, takes 4-6 hours to complete and is ideal for charging overnight or when not in use.

As well as being practical and portable, the SitnStand is stylish and discreet meaning it is perfect for use in social situations and when out and about. The cushion unfolds over the chosen chair with the compressor and battery pack being discreetly hidden at the rear of the chair in a zipped compartment for easy access.

The seat covers are designed for long sitting time and are easy to remove and are washable. The cushions are covered with a non-slip fabric to prevent any sliding which may occur on the seat when in use.

Clearwell Mobility are one of only a few exclusive suppliers in the UK and you can even try before you buy in any of our showrooms. So visit your local Clearwell today to try this revolutionary new product which converts almost any chair into a rising armchair.

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