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New Heart Sussex Video - Featuring the TGA S


Earlier this month, Clearwell was contacted by local radio celebrity Jack the Lad from Heart FM. At first we thought we were being involved in one of his famous prank calls but we were wrong.

Jack was calling to see if we would be willing to help him with an idea he had for a new Halloween video for the Heart Sussex Facebook page. The premise was simple: his co presenters Tom and Nic would have to get from one side of Wickwoods Country Club woods to the other in the dark. However, to spice things up, Jack had hired actors to play zombies and ghouls, installed special lighting, sound effects and other hidden extras in an attempt to scare Tom and Nic as much as possible.

The only problem Jack was facing was that Nic had injured her leg and was struggling to walk without the need for crutches - not ideal when running away from zombies. This is where Clearwell came in. Jack was keen to have Nic still in the event and thought a mobility scooter would be the perfect solution to the problem. We were able to supply Jack and the team with a TGA Vita S scooter (the ‘bad boy’ as Jack described it!) which is perfect for off-roading and for evading ghosts, ghouls and zombies!


You can view the hysterical video below and watch as Nic and Tom race across the woods and attempt to outrun the terrifying zombies behind them.

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