Multi-Purpose Linked Raiser - Main Section

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Unique in design and versatility, this modular raiser has been carefully developed using feedback received from Occupational Therapists. This clever raiser is designed to be used with either armchairs or beds and can safely achieve a raise height of 6".

The interlinked frame is simple to assemble and provides maximum flexibility to raise virtually any armchair, sofa or bed. The swivelling action of the cups gives a snug fit even against the most awkward corners. The standard main section provides a raise of 3 1/4". Additional height sections can be added which increase the height in increments of 3/4" up to 6". The raiser has 3 parts some or all of which are needed dependent upon what is being raised.

For larger widths to raise we offer a Spreader Bar which can spread the 4 cups to reach the edge of the furniture. These Raisers have a maximum weight of up to 78 stone (500kg) including the weight of the furniture itself. For a more detailed instructions please see the Instructions available under the Downloads tab.

Section Requirements
Armchair: 2x Main Sections
Single Bed: 3x Main Sections
Double Bed: 3x Main Sections + 3x Spreader Bars

VAT Exempt Yes
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