Lille Classic Pads - Extra (918ml)

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£4.25 with VAT exemption £5.10 including VAT

The Lille Classic Pads Extra offers the user an effective solution for managing moderate incontinence. Rectangular in shape, the Classic Pads are supplied with a waterproof backing and easy to attach sticky strip to affix to the users underwear.

Produced with a new generation absorbent polymer, these pads help reduce odours while maximising absorbency (up to 918mls).

These pads are perfect for use by both male and female users and can be used with both regular and mesh underwear.

Supplied in packs of 28. You can also order in multiple of 8 to receive a case quantity of 10% per 8 packs.

Gender Unisex
Type Insert
Size Maxi (680mls)
VAT Exempt Yes
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