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The Hand Exerciser from Clearwell is the perfect aid to use if you want to build up hand and forearm strength and is ideal for those in the early stage of rehabilitation all the way through to people who are just wanting to improve their strength and grip. This tool is often used as a way to recover from sprains and other injuries that can be inflicted on a hand or arm.

Our hand exerciser is manufactured to the highest of standards to ensure it remains a versatile and easy to use product designed with practicality and portability in mind. The exercise aid allows the user to adjust the tension to their current resistance level and, as their performance improves, to readjust and increase as required.

The exerciser features an easy turn knob at the front with the weights (10kg to 40kg) and increments printed clearly on the side. Simply turn the knob to wind the spring either further in for a lighter weight or turn the opposite way to wind out to achieve a heavier weight and therefore a greater resistance. Then simply squeeze together and feel the benefit!

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