Fibreglass Channel Ramps

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£299.99 with VAT exemption £359.99 including VAT

Perfect for loading scooters and wheelchairs into and out of cars and homes, these Fibreglass Channel Ramps are supplied as a pair and are available in either 6ft (183cm) or 8ft (244cm) lengths.

Ideal for almost any user or environment, the ramps have a maximum weight limit of up to 40st (250kg) which makes them suitable for most scooters or wheelchairs. Due to these ramps being constructed from lightweight fibreglass, they remain incredibly portable and easy to use.

For safety measures each ramp is coated in a non-slip, contrasting surface and has raised edges to help prevent slipping or falling form the ramps, either by the user or the product being transferred.

Total Weight 6ft - 6kg (13lbs )
8ft - 6.5kg (14lbs)
Overall Width 6ft - 11.5" (29cm)
8ft - 11" (29cm)
Material Fibreglass
VAT Exempt Yes
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