Emergency Auto Dialer

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The Emergency Auto Panic Dialer from Cleawell offers a supportive alarm that provides reassurance and confidence to those who live independently as well as providing relief to friends and family. The personal alarm comes with a receiver unit and an emergency pendant and can call up to three pre-set numbers when the pendant is activated by the user.

The pendant shall send out a call sequentially to each of the 3 numbers, leaving a default message and waiting for a response. Two way communication is made possible by the base unit, making this the perfect safety net for those vulnerable to falls and other emergency situations. The pendants boast an impressive 30 metre range and if they are low on battery they give out a warning signal to notify the user of their lack of power and need to charge.

The Emergency Auto Dialer Features:
- One main unit and one emergency call pendant
- Connects to an existing telephone
- 30 metre range for pendant
- Main unit automatically dials up to 3 numbers
- Two-way communication function

Batteries required: 2xCR2025 (included) + 4xAAA (optional)
Size Unit width: 110mm (4.25")
Unit length: 160mm (6.25")
Unit depth: 40mm (1.5")
Pendant width: 40mm (1.5")
Pendant length: 50mm (2")
Pendant depth: 15mm (0.5")
VAT Exempt Yes
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