Easi Reach Grabber

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£11.29 with VAT exemption £13.55 including VAT

The Easi Reach Grabber is a very lightweight reacher designed to help those who struggle when stretching to retrieve things far away from them. The Easi Reach has a high visibility jaw opening which is rubber lined to assist with gripping items and is controlled with ease from the trigger action at the handle end of the stick.

This long reach grabber also includes a magnetic tip, dressing stick and walking stick clip. The magnetic tip on the end of the reacher is ideal for use when reaching for small metallic objects which may have been dropped or need to be retrieved, while the dressing stick is ideal for those who struggle to twist and bend when getting dressed.

Available in 2 different lengths as well as with folding and fixed shaft, the Easi Reach Grabber is perfect for almost any user and it's durable design means it will never let you down.

VAT Exempt No
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