Dr Cane Orthopaedic Swivel Cane

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Specially designed adjustable height walking stick with unique, built in swivel ferrule. This Orthopaedic Walking Stick from Dr Cane provides all the stability you would expect from a traditional cane with the added benefit of a 360° swivel ferrule joint which provides extra mobility.

The swivel ferrule allows you to turn with ease while remaining stable. The rubber base provides grip and security when walking on a wide range of terrains.

The Orthopaedic Swivel Cane is height adjustable from 29-38.5" (73-98cm) making it suitable for a wide range of users. The cane also features a moulded orthopaedic handle, designed to reduce the risk of blisters and sores from frequent use.

This walking stick comes complete with a black wrist loop to help keep your walking stick at hand and secure.

VAT Exempt No
Max User Weight 18 stone
Handle Material PVC
Shaft Material Aluminium
Handle Height 29-38.5" (73-98cm)
Handle Type Ergonomic
Colour Black
Pattern/Design No Pattern
Design Solid Colour
Shaft Type Fixed
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