Comfy Bather

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£549.00 with VAT exemption £658.80 including VAT

The Comfy Bather is the ultimate in bathroom comfort. As apposed to traditional bath lifts, the Comfy Bather is an inflatable cushion which inflates and deflates to aid the user to get in and out of the bath.

When the cushion deflates you can get right to the bottom of the bath for a long soak and when finished simply inflate the cushion and swing your legs out of the bath and stand. The remote controlled, battery operated, compressor provides air to the cushion to gently inflate or deflate.

The cushion is divided into stable cells which inflate sequentially to give a smooth lift. The integral lumbar cushion provides additional back support. The Comfy Bather is extremely portable weighing just 2kg (4.4lb), making it ideal where the bathroom is shared.

VAT Exempt Yes
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