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The Blue Smart Charger is a reliable charger with a long service life. This smart model comes with Bluetooth capability to allow you to connect to your smartphone to monitor the charge and see your charge history. Capable of charging GEL or AGM batteries. 

Adaptive 4-stage charge algorithm: bulk – absorption – float – storage

The charger features a microprocessor controlled ‘adaptive’ battery management system. The adaptive feature will automatically optimize the charging process relative to the way the battery is being used.

Storage mode: less maintenance and aging when the battery is not in use

The storage mode kicks in whenever the battery has not been subjected to discharge during 24 hours. In the storage mode float voltage is reduced to 2,2V/cell (26,4V for a 24V battery) to minimize corrosion of the positive plates and loss of liquid due to gassing. Once a week the voltage is raised back to the absorption level to ‘equalize’ the battery. This feature prevents stratification of the electrolyte and sulfation, a major cause of early battery failure. 

Protected against overheating

Output current will reduce as ambient temperature increases up to more than 30°C, but the charger will not be disabled.

Two LED’s for status indication

Red LED: bulk, absorption

Green LED: float, storage en repeated absorption (refresh)

Both LEDs flashing: connected with reverse polarity, short circuit, over voltage

Adjustable and readable 

The blue smart charger is equipped with Bluetooth Smart wireless communication. With this you can get a read out of the state of the battery and settings can be changed with a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

VAT exempt

Please note we are not able to offer VAT relief on chargers sold online. We are able to offer VAT free pricing on chargers where these items are supplied in-store to a qualifying product (eg scooter, powerchair).

Voltage 24V
Current 6A
Connection XLR
Total Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 60x105x190mm
Cable Length 1.9m
VAT Exempt Yes
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