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Designed as an alternative to medicated pain relief, Biofreeze provides an effective solution for muscular and joint pain and is available in either a spray or gel form.

With the ability to manage pain for up to 3 hours, Biofreeze reduces the severity of pain symptoms and in turn improves mobility and quality of life. Biofreeze works by breaking the pain cycle through a method known as 'gate control', the active ingredient within Biofreeze (Isopropyl Alcohol) stimulates specific sensory receptors in the skin when applied. This ingredient reduces inflammation and allows the boy to repair itself quicker than without.

Cold therapy is a well recognised treatment for pain and swelling on joints and muscles. In comparison to the use of ice, Biofreeze reduces the risk of swelling or skin irritation as well as providing a longer duration of relief with up to 3 hours after application. The other added benefit of Biofreeze is it does not restrict movement after being applied and offers nearly double the amount of pain relief in comparison to an ice compress.

For those areas which are harder to reach, such as the middle back, neck and lower extremities, it is best to use the Biofreeze spray. This spray is easily applied with a pump action nozzle.

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