Acticheck Assure Wristband

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The Assure®: the 'life saving' wristband from Acticheck is a must-have personal alarm for anyone who spends a significant amount of time alone. Designed to be worn 24 hours a day for a full year without the need to be taken off for recharging. the Assure gives the wearer outstanding protection throughout their home and garden with these core alerts.

SOS calls

Essential for times when the wearer needs help and can press the buttons on the wristband, such as sudden pain or security concern.

Fall monitor

For severe falls where the wearer is incapacitated after impact.

No Response alert (our unique safety net)

Ensures discovery if unable to respond such as after a slump fall, stroke, fainting, occasional mobility issues (such as with MS), diabetic hypos and unresponsiveness.

Cold at home

The Assure base reports on the temperature and if someone is 'cold at home' will let chosen people know.
VAT Exempt Yes
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